Frequently Asked Questions

How are your lessons different from other studios?

As a ballroom and latin dance professional with two decades of experience, I have taught literally hundreds of couples for that magical “first moment” as husband and wife. I understand the many pressures involved preparing for your wedding day, so I'm committed to crafting a routine that you will be comfortable with and enjoy dancing together. 

My specially trained staff and I work with your personality -- not only as individuals, but as a couple. I can also help collaborate on the choice of the first song, or match a routine to that special song that has so much meaning for the two of you as you begin your life with one another. 

You have only one chance to be announced in front of your family and friends “for the first time as husband and wife.” Make it count! Click on the Contact Us! tab and call or e-mail me to get going

How many lessons will we need?

Good question! Like anything, different people learn at different paces. Furthermore, some couples want to learn some basic partner dancing skills/steps in other dances in addition to their wedding routine. Unlike chain studios, I personalize your lessons to meet your specific goals and expectations for a wedding routine that will not only dazzle your guests, but be a fond memory for years to come

Some couples have asked me, “Can I learn a basic routine in just a few lessons?” The answer is “Yes, you can!” But keep in mind that if you want a little more polish or flair, most couples require anywhere from 5 - 10 lessons, and more if you want to learn basic partnering skills in other social dances aside from your wedding routine. You may click on the "Pricing Packages" tab for a breakdown of cost/lesson based on the number of lessons you think you need

Where are the lessons held?

I have a brand-new studio space (500 sq ft) in my own condo duplex in Spanish Harlem (where I also do outreach work teaching social dancing to NYC school children). The advantage of this space, unlike larger studios where you have to share the dance floor with other students/instructors (playing different music!), is that it is totally PRIVATE! -- no one in your way while you learn...and nobody staring at you while you stumble through your first steps. And my Dancevision floor is made by the same manufacturer who supplies the floors for the hit TV show Dancing With The Stars!

Let’s face it, while learning to partner dance is fun, it can be unnerving for some, and downright petrifying for others. Studying in the comfort of a private space with a supportive and understanding instructor improves the pace of your learning, as well as your overall experience and enjoyment. And my space is only half a block from the 6 train at 116th Street! For those couples who have space(s) in their own buildings, I can travel to you (for an additional fee - please click on the "Pricing Packages" tab for more information).

What if one (or both!) of us has “two left feet”?

No problem! My detail-oriented, down-to-earth approach works for even the most rhythm-impaired partners! I help both the bride and the groom hear the music and translate that music into patterns that make sense and will be easy to remember on your wedding day. Ultimately, my wedding routine program is designed to acquaint you with the principles of leading and following and enable you to develop a sensitivity to the music of your first song, so that your special day will be enhanced by an extra-special dance you’ll enjoy both on your wedding day, and as a cherished memory for years to come.

Some couples have actually danced their routines at their 5, 10 and 20-year anniversary parties! Check out the "Testimonials" tab for feedback from couples I've taught...and a brief glimpse at some of their wedding dance routines!

What dance should we choose for our wedding dance routine?

That depends entirely on the two of you! Many couples prefer a traditional waltz or foxtrot. However, I've choreographed wedding rumbas, swings, salsas and even hustles! I am happy to discuss this with you via telephone prior to our first lesson. Some couples try learning a little bit in a few different dances and then decide what they like best. 

Again, unlike traditional studios, I am very flexible in terms of the approach we take with your personalized lessons in order to create a wedding dance routine that's fun, fabulous and fits your personal style!

And of course, whatever dance you choose, I will make it as simple or complex as the two of you want (some couples even combine two dances, starting off slow with a faster finale). Whatever your goals, can make them happen.

Creating a wedding dance is a lot like gardening -- 
it has to be nurtured: requiring practice, 
plenty of patience and dedication.
Dr. Dance,