Nothing says it better than the happy feet of happy couples!

"We've gotten so many compliments...of how amazing our wedding routine was!"

Minna & Charles walk onto the dance floor to begin their wedding dance routine
Dear Sid: 

We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choreographing such an amazing wedding routine for our first dance. It was a HUGE hit and we've gotten so many compliments from people of how amazing our wedding routine was. 

My parents were shocked that we took wedding dance lessons and think it was the highlight of the night. 

Thank you again for your time and talent.


Minna (& Charles) Keum, Fort Lee, NJ  June 2008

"Little did I know how happy the dance lessons with you would make both of us"

Evelyn and James dancing their foxtrot to 'Fly Me to the Moon'

Dear Dr. Dance: 

I'll be honest with you. When my fiancee Evelyn first asked me about taking dance lessons for our wedding, I really wasn't into the idea. And when she told me she wanted to do a FoxTrot, I was especially resistant. After all, I grew up with latin music, so all I knew was merengue and salsa. I reluctantly agreed to go along with it to make her happy. Little did I know how happy the dance lessons with you would make both of us! 

You made the patterns easy to understand, and helped me feel the rhythm. Before I knew it, I was gliding across the floor and actually leading my beautiful bride in the steps you so patiently taught us. I was really glad you were there at the reception so we could make you proud! And our family and friends were so surprised. The crowd went wild, thanks to your expert choreography. Muchisimas gracias for making our wedding day such a hit, Sid! (enclosed is a photo of us proudly doing our foxtrot promenade step!)

Thanks again,

James (& Evelyn) Torres,  Bronx, NY  May 2009

"[We] got a standing ovation at our ceremony!"

Tara and Ron doing a foxtrot grapevine at their Seattle wedding reception

To Whom It May Concern (if you're concerned about your first dance!): 

When our friends suggested we take dance lessons before our wedding, I was hesitant. Convinced, in fact, that we did not have the time nor the coordination to achieve success. I am so glad that we met Sid Grant and our initial fears and hesitation disappeared. 

Sid was born to dance, and to teach others how to dance. Patient, enthusiastic and creative, he took the time to choreograph a routine one that got a standing ovation at our ceremony! 

I highly recommend Dr. Dance to anyone wanting to do a special little something for their first wedding dance.


Tara Young (& Ron Palaniuk) New York, NY  October 2009

"I can promise you that you will not regret your choice in taking wedding dance classes with Doctor Dance."

Eric and Angela at their Harvard Club reception
Dear Sid:

My husband Eric and I had previously taken some ballroom dance classes but our instructor was incredibly dry and far too technical for a couple who just wanted to have a fun wedding dance routine.  We had no intention of becoming the next couple to win “Dancing with the Stars”.  

A friend of mine insisted I call “Doctor Dance.” From the moment we walked in the door, Sid’s smile and charisma took us over.  I knew this time we were going to have some fun and I was excited!  Eric was a bit hesitant at first, especially when Sid told us that we would be creating a routine with our song!  But he quickly agreed after the second class that the routine was definitely the way to impress our crowd.  We all got along so well and it became one of our favorite wedding planning activities!  I think I may have laughed harder in those dance classes than I did the entire time I was planning the wedding.  It was an amazing stress reliever and kept Eric and I in the moment.  

Sid is a pro at putting together cool hip routines with a major fun factor.  Eric and I are a somewhat reserved couple and he had us doing the “helicopter” which at first Eric resisted.  But the second we put it in the routine, he realized Sid’s vision (not to mention the pure fun factor of doing the helicopter move) and immediately embraced our new move!!  Eric was so excited about the classes that he took copious notes so that he would never forget what Sid taught us.  

We just couldn’t get enough of our classes with Sid!

"Sid is so supportive and energetic, and really present with you each and every minute of the dance class."

Angela enjoying her father/daughter dance!

(continued) Also, Sid is an excellent teacher. Eric and I are not great dancers, but he really had us coordinated and dancing like stars. I must admit that by our last class, even I was impressed with how well we had our routine down (maybe we could win dancing With The Stars after all! Ha!). Sid is so supportive and energetic and really present with you each and every minute of the dance class.

I say this because...it was by far one of the most gratifying (not to mention fun!) aspects of our wedding planning process...I loved Sid so much that the week before the wedding I had my dad come in so we could take classes together for the Father/Daughter dance. Teaching my dad to dance is a serious challenge, but Dr. Dance had my dad dancing in two classes! Impressive.

Now that the wedding is over, Eric and I miss Sid’s classes so much that we are planning to go back and take some more classes for fun.  I can promise you that you will not regret your choice in taking wedding dance classes with Doctor Dance!  We both absolutely adored Sid and think he is the most fantastic dance teacher we have ever known!  Thank you, Sid, for making our wedding planning process such a blast!

 Angela Hurley (& Eric Rahe) New York, NY  March 2010

"We couldn't have done it with out him!"

Christine and Neil pose for the camera...doing a dip!
What can I say? 

My wife and I have four left feet between the two of us, but thanks to the skills (and endless patience) of Doctor Dance, we really shook a rug at our wedding.

We couldn't have done it without him!

Thanks for the wedding dance routine!


Neil (& Christine) Romberg, New York, NY  April 2007

"Of all the things we had to do to prepare for the big day, our wedding dance lessons were our favorite!"

Scott & Bernard dancing at their Provincetown wedding
My husband and I met Sidney Grant through a mutual friend in 2004 -- a few months before we were to marry in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Since then, we've remained close friends with Sid and always remember the enormous role he played in making our wedding day the best of our lives.

Both Bernard and I were very nervous about the “dreaded first dance” and were hoping to do more than just sway back and forth. Sid taught us a Fox Trot, which included a big finale dip that brought the crowd to its feet! 

We had such a wonderful time not only dancing in front of our family, but learning the dance steps beforehand. Of all the things we had to do to prepare for the big day, our wedding dance lessons were our favorite. Sid was such a fantastic teacher, working patiently with us as we practiced our steps and giving us all the confidence we needed to do those moves in front of over hundred people!  

Scott Heltgoff (& Bernard Whitman), New York, NY  August 2004